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Marine Sound Control (MSC)
Marine Sound Control (MSC)


Marine Sound Control (MSC) is a full service acoustical control company that specialize in marine related acoustics.

MSC has over 30 years of experience in all phases of the marine industry. MSC works with shipyards, builders and designers of boats, large and small to help them attain low sound levels and freedom from vibration. MSC services and products (such as SoundShield™) have resulted in many satisfied owners with quiet, smooth running boats around the globe.

One of MSC's contribution to the marine industry has been its continued introduction of effective time-proven materials and new technologies in innovative, effective acoustical designs for sound and vibration control. We translate these materials and processes into value for our customers through our professional solutions and services.

We have developed a reputation for honest and reliable business conduct, built over many years, and is tested and proved in each business transaction we make. We apply our customer-focused approach to everything we do in creating 100% customer satisfaction.

If you have a marine related sound or vibration problem, please let us know. MSC will provide the solution.

 Company Profile

Marine Sound Control was established in 1986. We have vast experience and expertise in the field of marine and architectural acoustical sound management. We have a supportive management team and a wide range of industry sources and business affiliates we can offer to customers in providing highly effective, creative, cost-efficient solutions and products.

 Who We are

We have a collaborative, team approach to working with clients. Our core group is small, experienced and highly knowledgeable.

We combine expertise in:

  • Many areas of sound control with a specialty in marine applications
  • Outsourcing
  • Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Quality Control

Our engineering team consists of two of the world's foremost authorities in sound control and acoustics:

  • Raymond Fischer, Senior Engineer, Marine Sound Control
    Mr. Fischer is a twenty-six year veteran and has worked in all areas of acoustics. He has a M.S in Ocean Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. His experience includes work in the design, development, and diagnostics aspects of this field. Mr. Fischer's areas of expertise covers machinery noise control projects in commercial, industrial, and marine fields.
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  • Leonid Boroditsky, Engineer, Marine Sound Control
    Mr. Boroditsky has over thirty years experience in the various areas of acoustics. He has an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology. He also has experience in industrial acoustics, including noise mitigation projects for plants, road machines, and ventilation systems. Architectural and industrial acoustics have also been part of his work experience.
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