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Mr. Boroditsky has over thirty years experience in the various areas of acoustics. He has an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology. His early work was conducted at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology. During his tenure there, Mr. Boroditsky was responsible for predictions and noise control for many types of ships: frigates, speed boats, hydrofoils, ice breakers, bulk carriers, and tugboats.

He also has experience in industrial acoustics, including noise mitigation projects for plants, road machines, and ventilation systems. In the 1970's, Mr. Boroditsky was involved in developing an algorithm and computer program used to predict noise levels in ships' compartments. At the end of the 1970's, he began to research the noise and vibration induced in ship compartments by propellers.

  • B.S. (Mech. Engineering) Marine University, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • M.S. (Acoustical Engineering) Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, St. Petersburg, Russia.
 Professional Experience
  • Senior Engineer, Marine Sound Control
  • Acoustical Control, NCE, 1996-present
  • Engineer, Promex Ltd, 1988-1994
  • Project Engineer, Research Institute of Shipbuilding, 1992-1994
  • Senior Scientist, Research Institute of Shipbuilding, 1975-1992
 Honor and Societies

Member – Institute of Noise Control Engineers

 Professional Responsibilities and Projects

Mr. Boroditsky’s first professional effort was devoted to the determination of ship structural non-uniformities on vibro-isolation properties. This project considered the connections of structural elements, i.e., decks and bulkheads, hull-linings, and girder-shell connections. As a practical result, coupling loss factors for these connections were determined and recommendations were made to improve their isolation effectiveness. A novel angle connections was developed and installed on a hydrofoil ship (BELARUS) and on a bulk carrier (MURGUB). In the late 1960’s he developed the first Russian ship floating floors and cabins. These cabins were mounted in serial tankers (SOFIA) and in nuclear ice breakers (ARCTICA & ROSSIJA).

In the 1970’s, Leo was involved in developing an algorithm and computer program to predict noise level in ship compartments. His responsibility in this project was to predict element vibration levels. This problem was solved on the basis of an algebraic equation system that described the energy balance of a large array of structural elements formed by the ship’s hull. As part of this task, he developed formulas for connection coupling loss factors (diffuse incidence) and for damping loss factors (standard structural and special coatings).

Following the research and development on this project, a computer program was developed and issued as a Guide for all Design Offices. Soon this calculation became an obligatory part of any naval ship design. The input data for this computer program took in consideration all critical factors influencing the noise onboard ship: source acoustical characteristics, structural element materials and geometry, lining properties, types of hull lining connections (rigid or elastic), opening through machinery rooms, etc. Airborne and structureborne sound are calculated separately. It is possible to evaluate the contribution of every source and every structural path in addition to the overall noise in any compartment of interest. This guide and computer program was used for many naval and civil ship designs demonstrating the accuracy between the measured and predicted noise levels.

In the 1980’s, this program, under Mr. Boroditsky’s direction, was converted for the personal computer and used by the majority of Russian naval design offices.

 Representative Publication (In Russian)
  • “Research of Vibroisolating Properties and Characteristics of Ship Floating Structures,” Collection of papers “Noise Control in Ships,” Sudostroenie, 1967, p.54-70.
  • “Hydrofoil Propellers Effects on Ship Compartment’s Noise Levels,” Collection of papers, Collection of papers “Noise Control in Ships,” Sudostroenie, 1974.
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  • “Algorithm and Computer Program for Ship Compartment Acoustic Field Calculation in Low Frequencies,” Transaction of Symposium “Transportation Noise-92”, p.71.
 Representative Publication (In English)
  • “Final Report: Advanced Ship Acoustic Program, SBIR Topic98-092” (with R Fischer) NCE Report 98-005, Dec. 1998.
  • “Noise and Vibration Trials:87’ Coast Guard Patrol Boat,” (with M. Bathiarian & Ray Fischer) NCE Report 98-002, March 1998.
  • “AMHS Ferry Vibration Impact Tests,” (with M. Bathiarian & Ray Fischer) NCE Report 98-001, Feb. 1998.
  • “Grinder Blower Diagnostic Tests & Noise Control Recommendations,” (with R. Fischer & Mike Bathiarian) NCE TM 97-020, July 1997.
  • Army Corps of Engineers Gatelifter INVCTIA,” (with M. Bathiarian & Ray fischer) NCE TM 97-022, Sept. 1997.
  • “NOAA Ship DELEWARE II: Trawler Winch Diesel Noise Study Follow Up,” (with Mike Bathiarian) NCE TM 97-013, June 1997.
  • “Tractor Tug Boat Preliminary Noise Analysis”, (with R. Fischer), NCE job Memo, August 1997.
  • “Alaskan Ferry HVAC system noise prediction and control”, (with R. Fischer and M. Bathiarian), NCE Technical Memo 97-015, June 1997.
  • “Agor-25 Bow Thruster Diagnostic Test and Treatment Recommendations”, (with R. Fischer and M. Bathiarian) NCE Technical Memo 97-012, May 1007.
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  • “USCGWLB Thruster Diagnostics,” (with Kenneth Fischer, Ray Fischer, and Mike Bathiarian), NCE TM 97-006, Jan. 1997.
  • “Nigh Club Noise Analysis and Abatement”, (with R. Fischer), NCE Memo, April 1997.
  • “Vibration and Sonar Trials – AGOR-26,” (with Kenneth Fischer, Ray Fischer and Mike Bathiarian), NCE Report 97-004, Jan. 1997.
  • “Vibration and Sonar Trials Report: AGOR-25 R/V Atlantis,” (with Kenneth Fischer, Ray Fischer and Mike Bathiarian), NCE Report 97-002, Feb. 1997.

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