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We are proud to offer a wide range of marine acoustical sound control products.

 Hardware Products:

 SoundShield™ Acoustic Insulation Products for Marine Application

We manufacture and sell SoundShield™ marine acoustical insulation products which are the highest quality and most effective marine sound insulation material on the market. SoundShield™ outperforms the traditional fiberglass and lead material, is longer lasting and much easier to work with and install.

SoundShield™ Acoustic Insulation: Complete Listing and More Information>

SoundShield™ Advantages
Very high efficiency (see chart below) Easy to install and customize
Can be utilized in new builds or can be retrofit   Uses advanced materials technology
Environmentally safe   Attractive, cleanly professional appearance
Meets ABS standards   Wide range of SoundShield™ products for specific applications
Extremely long lasting as compared to other materials    

 Acoustic Insulation Products for Other Applications

MSC also can make available acoustic insulation materials used in other applications such as industrial, architectural, construction and fabrication of all kinds.

Some items are in stock while others are available on short notice including but not limited to:

Acoustic Insulation Materials Constrained Layer Materials (sandwich application)
Vinyl Composite Insulation   Extensional Damping (free layer application)
Noise Barriers   Vibration Isolation Mounting Systems
Sound Absorption Materials (No Barrier)   Vibration Isolation Pads
Custom Exhaust Silencers   Vent Duct Silencers
Vibration Damping Materials   Related Products and Support Materials
Vibration Isolation Systems    

 Software Products

We believe that an educated consumer will prove to be a more satisfied client. To that end we've provided material that may be helpful for you.

 Program for Absorption and Transmission Loss Calculation for Multi-Layer Systems

This program can be used to determine the relative performance of various layer thicknesses and materials. It computes the composite airborne Transmission Loss (the difference in noise on the sound and receiver of the partition) and the normally incident sound absorption coefficient (a measure of the sound reflecting property of the composite). This can result in much more efficient acoustics and sound control.

Key points/benefits:

  • A composite of up to 20 different layers can be evaluated with 95% accuracy
  • Save time by helping to determining your sound control requirements
  • Save money on consultant fees
  • In house knowledge base of your vessel's sound control assessment
  • Security in the knowledge that the program was developed by two of the world's foremost authorities in sound control and acoustics (both of whom are members of the MSC engineering team).
  • Simple to use with your personal computer.

Download and view sample program (.doc 40k)
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Please contact us for more information regarding availabilty of "Absorption and Transmission Loss" software.

This program is developed by NCE and Licensed to ADE Development Corp.

 Online Consultant for Yachts

Description: This free document outlines those items of concern in the design of a quiet vessel and methods by which to manage them. Topics covered include:

  • General Acoustic Engineering for Yachts
  • Design Guidance: Acoustic Insulation & Privacy
  • Design Guidance: HVAC System Design
  • Design Guidance: Resilient Isolation Mounts and Foundations
  • Design Guidance: Flexible Connections
  • Design Guidance: Equipment, Misc.

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