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 Engineering Services

Engineering services include:

  • Noise and Vibration Measurements
  • Design Review
  • Recommendations
  • Computer Modeling and Prediction
  • Adaptive Noise Control (ANC) Solutions

    Adaptive control is sound field modification, particularly sound field cancellation, by electro-acoustical means and can be particularly effective in control of low frequencies. Learn more about ANC

MSC has extensive experience in all phases of marine, architectural and industrial industries that we can bring to your projects. We apply our customer-focused approach to everything we do in creating 100% customer satisifaction.

Full Service at any Stage:

We can provide assistance at almost any stage of new construction or overhaul project to ensure that you attain low sound levels and freedom from vibration.

  • Design Stage
    As the boat is being designed, members of the MSC engineering team will provide engineering expertise to help designers to anticipate and solve noise and vibration issues.

  • Retrofit/Overhaul Stage
    During retrofit or overhaul, MSC recommends products, treatments and techniques that will result in a quieter, smoother running boat and a satisfied boat owner.

MSC produces and sells its own lines of sound insulation and works in conjunction with manufactures of mounts, mufflers and drive systems to insure the most effective results.

To learn more about our products and how can they meet your needs, please go to the Products page.

 Sound Control Information

MSC has been assisting clients in designing quiet vessels since 1978. The benefits of a properly designed sound control system is something we passionately believe in. Part of our mission at MSC is to promote and educate the public in regards to the field of acoustic engineering. In helping you learn, MSC freely distributes or charges a nominal fee for materials that other companies in our field will charge a premium for.

We believe that an educated consumer will prove to be a more satisfied client. We feel that helping you understand how sound control works and the means that are most effective in integrating a sound control system into your vessel will benefit all concerned.

To that end we've provided material that may be helpful for you:

  • Free Online Consultant for Yachts
    This free document outlines those items of concern in the design of a quiet vessel and methods by which to manage them. Topics covered include:

    • General Acoustic Engineering for Yachts
    • Design Guidance: Acoustic Insulation & Privacy
    • Design Guidance: HVAC System Design
    • Design Guidance: Resilient Isolation Mounts and Foundations
    • Design Guidance: Flexible Connections
    • Design Guidance: Equipment, Misc.

    Two versions of document:

  • "Absorption and Transmission Loss" Software
    This program can be used to determine the relative performance of various layer thicknesses and materials. The values obtained can result in considerable cost and time savings in the design and construction of a quiet vessel.

    For more information on how to purchase or to view a sample program please go to our Products page
 Sample Proposal and MSC Contract

We are totally committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you in regards to working with you. Please contact us.

To give you a sense of how we work, below are two documents that may be helpful to you.

MSC Contract/Terms and Conditions:

  • Online version: MSC Contract
  • Download/Print Word.doc version: MSC Contract

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MSC Sample Proposal:

 Any Questions or for more Information please contact:

Marine Sound Control
Customer Service Department
17 Birchwood Road
Augusta, Maine 04330
Office: 207.512.8161


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